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In all industrial or agricultural activities, machines, equipment and machinery suffer the marks of time: traces of wear, scratches, stains, damage resulting from friction, handling, etc. To restore them quickly, the choice of professional quality paint aerosols for protection, finishing or coloring is essential. SOPPEC COLORS offers a wide range of technical aerosol paints, capable of meeting the needs of the most demanding professional users, whether in the manufacturing industry or the rental of agricultural or construction machinery. In addition to a wide choice of RAL acrylic touch-up paints, SOPPEC COLORS offers a range of industrial paints and special paints intended for the preparation or finishing of surfaces: primers, cold galvanizing paints, high temperature paints, protective varnishes, etc. …And to facilitate their application, SOPPEC COLORS also offers aerosol accessories.

General recommendations for the use of our industrial paints

Most of our industrial paints in aerosol conditionning should be used on clean, dry surfaces and at room temperature (5°C to 30°C) for optimal performance.

SOPPEC industrial paints are used vertically (head up).

Shake well before use and regularly during use. Purge head down after use to clean the valve and the diffuser.

It is important to store our industrial aerosol paints in a frost-free environment, ideally at a temperature of 15 to 25°C with a Relative Humidity of 50 to 60%.

The average storage time for touch-up paints under the above conditions is approximately 1 year.

Do not expose to temperatures above 50°C.

Keep away from sources of ignition, heat and sunlight.

Use preferably in a ventilated area.

Do not use on electrical or electronic equipment.

As with all other handling and storage operations, it is particularly recommended not to smoke.


Packaging of our industrial paints

The touch-up paints are available in 400 ml.

SOPPEC COLORS products are available in 400 ml packaged in boxes of 6, with the exception of spack spray.


Hygiene and safety

The safety data sheets are available on the internet

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