Our employees

Our Employees


In 2020, the workforce at the Charente sites included 99 employees, 36.4% of whom were women.

25% of these women hold management or department manager positions compared to 23.4% of men.

As the Gender Equality Index between women and men cannot be calculated due to the lack of a representative workforce on the criteria of the salary gap, we present below the results of the calculable indicators:


  •          Gender Equality Index: not calculable
  •          Pay gap: not calculable
  •          Difference in the distribution of individual salary increases between women and men: 35/35
  •          Percentage of female employees receiving a raise on return from maternity leave: not calculable
  •          Parity between women and men among the ten highest wages : 5/10


We are and remain convinced that it is the women and men of our organisations who make the wealth of our company and our group.