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  • Line marking spray paints


    SOPPEC line marking spray paints are especially recommended for industrial, sports and events marking. You will find professional products for delimitating surfaces both indoors and outdoors. Our range includes line marking paints for indoors and grass sports fields.

    SOPPEC markers are also indicated for the optimisation of traffic (cycling tracks, logistical warehouses) and for marking out sports and events such as races, hikes, shows, markets, etc.

    Equipped with a specific nozzle, they are all very easy to use for impeccable results. They dry quickly and have a 12-month marking duration.

    When choosing a line marking spray paint, make sure you consider the mechanical resistance you need. We recommend opting for a specific paint if you need to mark lines on a high-wear surface.   Please contact us if you have any questions.

    Our paints are available in red, blue, green, yellow, orange, grey, black, white and brown.

    SOPPEC also offers line marking equipment for optimal marking on all types of surfaces.

    Our products are reserved for professional and industrial use.

  • Line marking equipment


    Find the professional line marking equipment that will make all your marking tasks easier, no matter the application domain. SOPPEC’s line marking equipment and line painting machines have been developed for maximum ease of use and accuracy.


    SOPPEC line painting machines and marking trolleys are specifically designed for the TRACING and TRACING PLUS markers range. Ergonomic and easy to handle, they offer great stability for impeccable results. You will also find a one-wheel applicator and a gun handle that suit all aerosol sizes.


    We have equipment for stencil marking and line tracing on all types of surface. Consult SOPPEC’s range of line marking paints to find high quality compatible paints.


    Our products are reserved for professional use. Many are customisable to your brand depending on the requested quantities.


  • Floor marking / stripping tools

  • Floor marking stencils

  • Soppec PureSPRAY


    The SOPPEC PureSPRAY ™ system stands for the very best of TECHNIMA ’s expertise within the area of aerosol marking paint.

    It is the very unique combination of a paint formulation with more pigments, the exclusive design of the combo « aerosol + spray nozzle + trolley » which secures a pure line, with no need of flanges or other tweaks to keep the line edge quality under control.

    The trolley does not require cleaning after use.

    The pressure level within the aerosol can along with the spray system were designed to provide fast and high coverage marking. The Optimal Application Speed of the SOPPEC PureSPRAY™ system is the highest on the market.

    Using the SOPPEC DRIVER™ application trolley and the SOPPEC TRACING® PRO paint spray cans, you proceed with 500 m within 30 minutes, and you don’t have to clean the equipment.

    The SOPPEC PureSPRAY® system is providing you with a precise marking with no side-spray.

    It is 40% faster to use than its closest competitor.

  • Adhesive Marking Tapes

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