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Adhesive marking tapes

For all your signage and marking needs in business, industry or factory, Technima offers vinyl / PVC adhesive marking tapes. These adhesive marking tapes are applicable with the SOPPEC DRIVER™, a trolley that guarantees a quick, easy and straight application of the marking tape. Our marking tapes are easy to apply and durable over time. They allow to apply lines on the ground and to highlight obstacles, dangers as well as to define traffic paths. Highly resistant, the floor marking tapes are a solution adapted to high traffic areas. They are available in several colors: yellow/black, yellow, white, blue.


In 2021 Technima launched the SOPPEC PureSPRAY ™ system : the very best of TECHNIMA ’s expertise within the area of aerosol marking paint. It is the very unique combination of a paint formulation with more pigments, the exclusive design of the combo « aerosol + spray nozzle + trolley » which secures a pure line, with no need of flanges or other tweaks to keep the line edge quality under control.

The SOPPEC PureSPRAY ™ system also comes with a tape applicator and adhesive marking tapes.


Technima also offers via the SOPPEC LINE range of line marking trolleys and signage marking accessories that will allow you to easily make clean and precise lines. Find also our line marking spray paintsadhesive marking tapes and floor marking stencils !

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