Bitumen Products

Technima offers a range of products for the repair or maintenance of asphalt. You will find a bituminous spray, ideal for preparing the surface to be treated by improving its adhesiveness, and a cold mix ready to use.

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    Bituminous spray

    Bituminous spray as bonding primer. It optimises bituminous plant mix work by preparing the surface to be treated properly and improving its adhesion capability. The aerosols preclude the use of tools such as brushes and blades.

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    Cold plant mixes

    ENROVIT® is a cold lay asphalt designed for repairs that need to be carried out immediately : Potholes, Trenches, Maintenance work to drives and garden paths, minor repairs. Asphalt that can be stored ready-to-use, ideal for urgent repair work. The packaging guarantees long shelf-life and immediate availability when needed.

    61,50 €
Showing 1 - 2 of 2 items