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For sports or urban events, outdoors or indoors, day or night, event marking paints and varnishes in aerosol are practical solutions for marking, delimiting locations, signaling hazardous areas or emergency situations. Technima's SOPPEC EVENT range offers products adapted to all these uses. You will find temporary marking paints (lasting 1 or 2 months) - ideal for markings that fade quickly over time - effect paints - photoluminescent paint, reflective paint and heat-sensitive paint, essential for making your markings visible in the dark - marking & signaling supplements - marking chalk, marking tape, protective varnish, stencils... - Indispensable for the event industry and floor marking accessories - for a clean and precise application of spray paint.


Storage and handling of your event marking paints

Event marking paints should be stored between 15 and 25°C and between 50 and 60% relative humidity.

The duration of storage before use in the conditions described above is :

  • 2 years for effect paints.
  • 4 years for marking paints.

Do not expose to temperatures above 50°C.

Keep away from sources of ignition, heat and sunlight.

As for any other handling and storage operation, it is particularly recommended NOT TO SMOKE.


Packaging of your event marking paints

All our event marking paints are a gross volume of 650 ml and a net volume of 500 ml.

The "effect" products are packaged on filmed pallets of 75 boxes of 6 or 12 aerosols.

Marking paints are packaged on pallets of 75 boxes of 12 aerosols.


Health and Safety

The safety data sheets are available on the internet

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