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Industrial coatings

In addition to our RAL industrial spray paints, Technima offers through its SOPPEC COLORS range a set of industrial coatings, essential for all kinds of industries. You will find in our range of other industrial coatings : Quality, fast-drying primers, ideal for preparing your metal surfaces before applying the paint, a two-in-one rust converter (stabilizer + primer), essential to restore rusted areas, galvanizing paints: bright galva alu, quick drying galva zinc alu, 97% matte galva zinc, quick drying matte galva zinc, heat resistant paints for surfaces exposed to very high temperatures...


You can be sure that our industrial coatings are of high quality, resistant, and offer unprecedented coverage and durability. 


The SOPPEC COLORS range also offers a set of special paints adapted to the preparation of surfaces.


To ease the application of your touch-up paints, SOPPEC COLORS also offers spray touch-up accessories.

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