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  • Construction marking spray paints

    SOPPEC construction markers meet the multiple requirements of construction professionals, gardeners and landscapers.

    We provide construction marking spray paints for all types of surface. All our spray paints can be used on asphalt, concrete, gravel and sand. You will also find products specifically designed for wood, grass or soil.

    You will find markers with the covering power and the visibility required for all marking projects in various fields: earthwork, pipework and construction, road maintenance, buried networks, etc.

    Marking durations also adapts to your specific needs, ranging from 2 weeks to 24 months.

    Our construction markers are available in red, blue, green, yellow, orange, purple, cherry, grey, black, white and brown.

    Professionals will enjoy the ease of use and the reliability of our paints. Our aerosols are equipped with a robust patented SOPPEC TP safety cap that prevents drips and spray mists.

    SOPPEC construction markers are complemented by technical products for the construction industry and a range of accessories developed to make your work easier.

    Our products are for professional use only.

  • Construction products

    SOPPEC offers a range of products for the construction industry that supplement the brand's construction marking spray paints.


    You will find touch up paint, masking paint, primers, protective varnish, marking chalks and signalling tapes.


    All of our construction products are developed for the user's comfort and safety.  As a professional you will want the best and our maintenance and marking products can be applied with great ease of use and impeccable results.


    Filter our range by application domain or product type to better identify the product that will meet your expectations.


    Our construction products are reserved for professional use.

  • Construction marking accessories

    Construction professionals, gardeners and landscapers need good construction markers and the right accessories.


    SOPPEC’s construction marking accessories optimise all your marking works.


    They help construction workers, electricians, plumbers, joiners, plasterers, metal workers and many other professions to provide the best service day after day.


    Discover high quality marking powders, to be used with our various models of chalk lines. Available in several lengths (from 30 to 100 meters), all our lines ensure a good grip and easy rewinding.


    Our range of professional construction marking accessories include floor marking tools such as a gun handle and a one-wheel applicator.


    All our products are reserved for professional use.

  • Bitumen Products

    Technima offers a range of products for the repair or maintenance of asphalt. You will find a bituminous spray, ideal for preparing the surface to be treated by improving its adhesiveness, and a cold mix ready to use.

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    Highly fluorescent spray paint [12 months]

    FLUO TP marking spray paint is the most visible and the most fluorescent marker on the market. It is particularly popular with surveyors for identification marking and setting-out, but is also used for all general civil engineering works : highways, earthworks, pipework and construction, buried networks. Easy and safe to use, this fluorescent spray paint...

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    Multidirectional fluorescent spray marker [12 Months]

    IDEAL SPRAY® is a 360° marking spray paint that can be used for all types of marking and identification, whatever the direction needed, thanks to its multi-directional valve. Preferably use for markings in sewers, tunnels and on all second fix horizontal and vertical surfaces but can be used for road systems, electrical installations, earthworks…

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    Non fluorescent marking spray paint [12 Months]

    PROMARKER spray paint is a non fluorescent construction marking spray paint used for a range of marking/identification purposes as a complement to the Fluorescent markers: earthworks, pipework and construction, electrical installations. With an excellent covering power it can effectively hide other markings. Easy and safe to use, PROMARKER® is fitted with...

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    Fluorescent worksite marking paint [6 months]

    S MARK is a fluorescent marking spray (6 months duration) used for all general marking works in various fields: earthworks, pipework and construction, roads maintenance, buried networks. Easy and safe to use, S MARK is now fitted with the patented Soppec «TP» safety spray cap.

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    Non fluorescent worksite marking paint [6 months]

    S Mark Non Fluo is used as a complement to S Mark Fluorescent marking spray paint for everyday marking and identification that require neither long distance high visibility nor a marking duration greater than six months. It is also perfectly adapted for covering previous marking in black. Also fitted with the Soppec “TP” safety cap, it is both reliable...

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    Environmentally friendly spray marker [6 Months]

    Even more human- and environmentally-friendly as formulated with more than 25% water in the fluorescent formulations, HYDRO TP performs in similar fashion to FLUO TP®. It is used for miscellaneous marking work on the ground in the following fields: road systems, earthworks, piping, constructions, electrical installations.

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    Fluorescent temporary spray marker [2-8 Weeks]

    TEMPO TP is a temporary marking paint that is used for short term marking (2-8 weeks). This Chalk-based product is erasable under mechanically means (water spray, low pressure cleaner, brushes…). This easily allows its use on classified or protected areas, for urban environment, for landscaping plan. Easy and safe to use, TEMPO TP is fitted with the...

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    Temporary marking paint [5 - 15 days]

    TEMPO MARKER paint is the ideal aerosol for short-lived ground markings. Especially suitable for very short-term markings, this temporary marking paint is useful for signalling and marking out sports (races, hikes) and other events (car boot sales, markets, shows and leisure events).

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    Marking protective varnish

    PROTECT MARK protects your chalk line or aerosol markings to keep them visible longer.

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    Temporary masking spray paint

    MASKER SIGN’® is panel masking paint for temporary masking that can easily conceal signboards and display surfaces temporarily.It is a simple, clean and safe alternative to plastic bags with no risk of being torn off.

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    Bituminous spray

    Bituminous spray as bonding primer. It optimises bituminous plant mix work by preparing the surface to be treated properly and improving its adhesion capability. The aerosols preclude the use of tools such as brushes and blades.

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    Cold plant mixes

    ENROVIT® is a cold lay asphalt designed for repairs that need to be carried out immediately : Potholes, Trenches, Maintenance work to drives and garden paths, minor repairs. Asphalt that can be stored ready-to-use, ideal for urgent repair work. The packaging guarantees long shelf-life and immediate availability when needed.

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