Line marking spray paints

The line marking paints of the SOPPEC LINE range meet the requirements of high-performance line marking: durability, resistance to soiling and to tearing when mechanically stressed by passing machinery. Equipped with a specific nozzle, our line marking paints offer a clean line and ease of use. Our paints dry quickly and offers good durability. SOPPEC LINE marking paints are ideal for optimizing and improving safety in factories and warehouses: structuring space, delimiting surfaces, optimizing traffic flow... our line marking paints are also suitable for marking sports fields or parking lines.


In 2021 Technima launched the SOPPEC PureSPRAY ™ system : the very best of TECHNIMA ’s expertise within the area of aerosol marking paint. It is the very unique combination of a paint formulation with more pigments, the exclusive design of the combo « aerosol + spray nozzle + trolley » which secures a pure line, with no need of flanges or other tweaks to keep the line edge quality under control.

the SOPPEC PureSPRAY ™ system also comes with a tape applicator and adhesive marking tapes.


A wide range of line marking paints

The SOPPEC LINE range of line marking paints includes :

  • TRACING 500: for marking on surfaces that are not subject to much stress, such as the marking of lines in private outdoor parking lots, for example.
  • TRACING PRO: A durable, highly visible and dirt-resistant solution. This line marker is ideal for heavily used surfaces. NSF certified, it can be used in premises storing or manufacturing food products. 
  • TRACING Sport (750 ml): specially adapted to mark grassed areas.


When choosing a floor line marking spray paint, be sure to consider the mechanical resistance you need. You will choose a different paint depending on whether the surface is heavily used or not.


Whether you need to draw lines outdoors or indoors, SOPPEC LINE's TRACING products cover most uses.


Finally, our line marking paints come with floor marking application accessories and line marking equipment, specially designed to make a quality, clean and precise markings.


You will also find in the SOPPEC LINE range floor stencils for floor marking.


Easy to use

  • Use upside down, adjust the application height with the material used according to the desired line width.
  • BEFORE USE : Shake the can upside down to mix the paint even after you hear the beads clearly.
  • AFTER USE : Purge head up (until the gas comes out alone), to clean valve and diffuser.


The environment and safety are our top priorities

  • Our line marking paints are free of CMR substances (carcinogenic, mutagenic...) of categories 1A, 1B & 2 at a concentration higher than the regulatory threshold of 0.1 %.
  • They are formulated without Hexane and Methanol, Toluene and Xylene
  • Without heavy metals Lead (Pb), Cadmium (Cd),...
  • No environmental hazard symbol Environmental Hazard n° 412 : "toxic for aquatic organisms" and no long-term harmful effects on the ecosystem
  • Our labels comply with the European regulation in force CE n° 1272/2008 and its adaptations. (CLP regulation - Classification - Labeling - Packaging (CE n° 1272/2008)

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