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Special effect paints

In addition to our temporary spray paints, the SOPPEC EVENT range offers you a set of various effect paints, specially adapted to the marking and signalling of risk areas or objects (natural obstacles, particular risks, frozen areas, fire extinguishers...). SOPPEC EVENT's range of effect paints includes REFLECT LIGHT: an aerosol varnish with a retro-reflective effect that becomes luminous in the dark under the effect of a beam of light, and PHOTO LIGHT: a paint made of photoluminescent pigments that allow light to be restored in the dark.


SOPPEC EVENT also offers a range of accessories for floor marking and marking supplements for the event industry


Advantages of our effect paints

All our effect paints are formulated according to the rules of our triple certification.

Use of products up to very low temperatures thanks to high-pressure boxes and a specific propellant.


Environment and safety at the heart of our priorities

  • Our effect paints are free of CMR substances (carcinogenic, mutagenic...) of categories 1A, 1B & 2 at a concentration higher than the regulatory threshold of 0.1 %.
  • They are formulated without Hexane and Methanol, Toluene and Xylene
  • Without heavy metals Lead (Pb), Cadmium (Cd),...
  • No environmental hazard symbol Environmental Hazard n° 412 : "toxic for aquatic organisms" and no long-term harmful effects on the ecosystem
  • Our labels comply with the European regulation in force CE n° 1272/2008 and its adaptations. (CLP regulation - Classification - Labeling - Packaging (CE n° 1272/2008)

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