Floor Marking Tape Applicator for SOPPEC DRIVER™
  • Floor Marking Tape Applicator for SOPPEC DRIVER™
  • Floor Marking Tape Applicator for SOPPEC DRIVER™
  • Floor Marking Tape Applicator for SOPPEC DRIVER™
  • Floor Marking Tape Applicator for SOPPEC DRIVER™
  • Floor Marking Tape Applicator for SOPPEC DRIVER™
  • Floor Marking Tape Applicator for SOPPEC DRIVER™

SOPPEC DRIVER™ Floor Marking Tape Applicator

Floor Marking Tape Applicator | PureSPRAY System

Reference : 441601 TAPE

Designed for aerosol line marking paint with SOPPEC TRACING PRO paint, the SOPPEC DRIVER™ can also be equipped with a floor marking tape applicator, ideal for completing the floor marking in your workshops or warehouses. The SOPPEC DRIVER™ cart is THE SOLUTION that guarantees straight marking. Its stability and compact design make marking industrial floors quick and easy.

SOPPEC DRIVER™ Floor Marking Tape Applicator

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One trolley for all your marking applications : with paint or marking tape

The SOPPEC DRIVER™ trolley was developed to perform a straight marking. Through its stability and compact design, it secures a perfect application, quickly and easily on all industrial grounds. Designed for line marking with aerosol paint using the SOPPEC TRACING PRO paint it can also be set up with the floor marking tape applicator to extend the use indoors, in your workshop or warehouse areas.

For the first time on the market, with the tape application module for the SOPPEC DRIVER ™, the user is enjoying two quick and simple application modes with one single trolley:

  • The ground marking paint for line marking on parking or industrial grounds, outdoor or indoor.
  • The self adhesive tapes for Workplace Safety marking or Visual Management (LEAN) on smooth
  • surfaces indoor.

The benefits of the SOPPEC DRIVERTM floor marking tape applicator


3 years warranty


Rectilinear marking

Combined with the SOPPEC DRIVER™ the floor marking tape applicator for the SOPPEC DRIVER™ benefits from all the assets of the SOPPEC DRIVER™ trolley:

  • The rectilinear drive of the trolley which helps the straight application of the adhesive tapes.
  • The tight mounting which secures the proper control and the perfect adhesion of the ground tapes.
  • The agility and compacity of the device which allows side or front marking alongside obstacles (walls, rack foots, …).
  • The easy set up with no tool which provides the ability to switch almost instantly from marking paint to marking tape.

The product set up is extremely fast : unscrew the aerosol holding system, swing it back upside down into the rear slot with the can in place or screw it on the handle bar, position the tape kit instead, set up the roll on the tape holder
adjusting the side flanges accordingly to the tape width, and start the tape application!...

When set up in position, the tape application module elevates the 2 front wheels of the SOPPEC DRIVER™ trolley, and then the rubber application roll is securing the necessary pression onto the self adhesive tape. The 2 back wheels keep the overall straigthness of the drive.

The tape application module can be used with 50, 75 or 100mm wide tapes ..**

It was designed for all types of linerless adhesive tapes (tapes with no silicone protection foil) on 75 mm internal core diameter internal diameter core.

* NB: before swinging the aerosol holder and the can, you shall disengage the can nozzle from the nozzle activator to prevent from any unexpected spray.

** NB: the wider the tape, the harder to drive the trolley ahead; the straightness of the marking could be impacted.

Caracteristics of the SOPPEC DRIVERTM marking tape applicator

3 mm steel construction, coated with epoxy powder paint. Sturdy construction for industrial use.
Rubber base application roll for optimum and steady pression throughout the whole roll width.
Weight: 1,75 kg (without tape roll)
3 years warranty. Manufactured in France.

The SOPPEC PureSPRAYTM system stands for the very best of Technima's expertise within the aerea of aerosol marking paint

t is the very unique combination of a paint formulation with more pigments, the exclusive design of the combo « aerosol + spray nozzle + trolley » which secures a pure line, with no need of flanges or other tweaks to keep the line edge quality under control.

The trolley does not require cleaning after use.

The pressure level within the aerosol can along with the spray system were designed to provide fast and high coverage marking. The Optimal Application Speed of the SOPPEC PureSPRAY™ system is the highest on the market.

Using the SOPPEC DRIVER™ application trolley and the SOPPEC TRACING® PRO paint spray cans, you proceed with 500 m within 30 minutes, and you don’t have to clean the equipment.

The SOPPEC PureSPRAY® system is providing you with a precise marking with no side-spray.

It is 40% faster to use than its closest competitor. 


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441601 TAPE

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Marking accessory, Line marking spray paint
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Line marking, Ground signage, Signalling and events
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