Peinture de marquage au sol SOPPEC TRACING PRO
  • Peinture de marquage au sol SOPPEC TRACING PRO
  • Peinture de marquage au sol SOPPEC TRACING PRO
  • Peinture de marquage au sol SOPPEC TRACING PRO
  • Peinture de marquage au sol SOPPEC TRACING PRO
  • Peinture de marquage au sol SOPPEC TRACING PRO
  • Peinture de marquage au sol SOPPEC TRACING PRO
  • Peinture de marquage au sol SOPPEC TRACING PRO
  • Peinture de marquage au sol SOPPEC TRACING PRO

SOPPEC DRIVER™ Line marking trolley

Line marking trolley | PureSPRAY System

Reference : 441600PURE

The brand new SOPPEC DRIVER™ Line marking trolley is the best on the market: through its stability, its simplicity and its unique design, it secures straight lines on smooth or textured grounds, indoor and outdoor. The SOPPEC DRIVER™ Line marking trolley really « drives » the user. It uses exclusively with the SOPPEC TRACING® PRO paint aerosol cans and benefit from the SOPPEC PureSPRAY™ system.

SOPPEC DRIVER™ Line marking trolley

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SOPPEC DRIVERTM line marking trolley : because a line marking trolley should first trace straight...

The SOPPEC TRACING® PRO Floor Line Marking Paint was designed to secure workplace safety through safety signage compliance, for yourself, your employees, your visitors and clients.

The SOPPEC DRIVERTM line marking trollet has many advantages

The low profile design and the central position of the drawbar provide a strong stability , and minimize the user interferences during the application. It can be used either on smooth (concrete) or uneven surfaces (asphalt).

The wheels with wide tread (32 mm) and long wheelbase secure straight running.

The spray zone is sheltered and optimized so that the sprayed paint is not disrupted . A wind shield (Optional) further increases protection in case of challenging weather conditions.

The ad hoc design provides the user with a clear seight of the marking target and of the line marking area.

The compact shape allows markings up to 60 mm of a frontal obstacle and 79 mm of a side obstacle

The marking width is adjustable continuously from 5 to 12 cm.

The trolley set up is done with no tools : you just need to position the drawbar and the aerosol holder, and to tighten the 2 fixing nuts by hands.

The SOPPEC DRIVER™ trolley can be convertible into a Tape Applicator (Conversion kit available in September 2021).

The aerosol can positionning is very intuitive thanks to the exclusive SOPPEC PureSPRAY™ nozzle holder.

One spare aerosol can shall be stored in its slot to allow 180 m auntonomy on smooth surface for 75 mm wide line.

Storable in a minute, you can swing the trolley on its front side with the back handle and set up the drawbar backwards.


3 years warranty

Maintenance free

Straight line marking

For smooth or uneven surfaces


Characteristics of the SOPPEC DRIVERTM line marking trolley

The fastest line marking trolley on the market

  • Polyethylene body.
  • Powder coated steel based aerosol holder and drawbar.
  • Durable for industrial or external usage.
  • 4 Ø150 mm wheels with ball bearings and polyurethan treads.
  • Stainless steel Ø 3 mm wire pivoting marking target.
  • Weight: 4,8 kg. Box size: 800 x 300 x 300 mm.
  • 3 years warranty.
  • Manufactured in France.

The SOPPEC PureSPRAYTM system stands for the very best of Technima's expertise within the aerea of aerosol marking paint

It is the very unique combination of a paint formulation with more pigments, the exclusive design of the combo « aerosol + spray nozzle + trolley » which secures a pure line, with no need of flanges or other tweaks to keep the line edge quality under control.

The trolley does not require cleaning after use.

The pressure level within the aerosol can along with the spray system were designed to provide fast and high coverage marking. The Optimal Application Speed of the SOPPEC PureSPRAY™ system is the highest on the market.

Using the SOPPEC DRIVER™ application trolley and the SOPPEC TRACING® PRO paint spray cans, you proceed with 500 m within 30 minutes, and you don’t have to clean the equipment.

The SOPPEC PureSPRAY® system is providing you with a precise marking with no side-spray.

It is 40% faster to use than its closest competitor. 


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Marking accessory, Line marking spray paint
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Line marking, Ground signage, Signalling and events
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