SOPPEC TRACING PRO Floor Line Marking Paint
  • SOPPEC TRACING PRO Floor Line Marking Paint

SOPPEC TRACING PRO Floor Line Marking Paint

Floor Line Marking Paint | PureSPRAY System

Reference : 152004O

The SOPPEC TRACING® PRO Floor Line Marking Paint was designed to secure workplace through safety signage. It allows you to make your markings outdoor as well as indoor, with high quality and exceptional resistance to clogging. It guarantees a precise spray and a high flow rate over a longer distance than its competitors, and allows you to carry out your markings more quickly and at a lower cost.

SOPPEC TRACING PRO Floor Line Marking Paint

RAL: RAL 3020
Volume: 750 ml
Unité de vente: 1 box of 6

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Durably visible, the SOPPEC TRACING® PRO floor line marking paint doesn't clog up !

The SOPPEC TRACING® PRO Floor Line Marking Paint was designed to secure workplace safety through safety signage compliance, for yourself, your employees, your visitors and clients.

SOPPEC TRACING® PRO floor marking paint has many advantages

It offers the possibility to carry out markings on the ground outside as well as inside.

It offers exceptional quality and resistance to clogging.

It guarantees sharp edges and a high flow rate over a longer distance than its competitors.

It allows you to make your markings more quickly and at lower cost.

Stop spending up to € 35 excl. VAT per aerosol, when SOPPEC TRACING® PRO provides you with a higher level of performance for 30% less!

Find out the benefits of SOPPEC TRACING® PRO floor line marking paint

The fastest floor line marking paint on the market

Operated with the SOPPEC DRIVER ™ application trolley, the SOPPEC TRACING PRO ™ aerosol marking paint provides you with optimal flow and coverage for a 1,2 km/h application speed (or 10 m within 30 seconds).

As it dries quickly, it stands today as the fastest aerosol line marking system on the market to apply sharp edge lines
with no need to clean the trolley.

Optimal application speed

90m length coverage


Light traffic-ready

The exclusive formula developped within our laboratory in Nersac (FR) secures an outstanding performance :

  • Resistance to clogging far ahead of all competitors.
  • 90 m coverage within 75 mm line width with 1 aerosol can, on smooth surface (concrete) at optimal speed.
  • Brigthness, contrast, durability, it is an industrial grade marking paint that whithstands the most severe conditions (UV, solvents, pedestrian, car or forklift truck traffic) indoor or outdoor
  • The pre mounted exclusive and versatile spray nozzle fits on the SOPPEC DRIVER ™ application trolley or can be used by hands to spray on stencils
  • Formula certified NSF (food storage) and guaranteed free of Xylene, chlorinated solvents and aromatic compounds.
  • Delivered as 750 ml net aerosol cans, the optimal content for efficient line marking execution.
  • Recognizable by its transparent cap and colored collar, its packaging allows you to always identify the color contained in the aerosol.

No clogging

Industrial grade

Versatile pre-mounted nozzle

NSF certified

Available in 7 bright standard colors to comply with regulation



RAL 9016



RAL 5017



RAL 1023



RAL 9017



RAL 3020



RAL 6024



RAL 7045

Available in 7 bright standard colors to comply with regulation

Thermoplastic acrylic resin binder.

Satin finish.

Inorganic and organic pigments free from heavy metals such as lead or cadmium 1000 ml aerosol can / 750 ml net.

Per box of 6 per color.

Manufactured in France.

The SOPPEC PureSPRAYTM system stands for the very best of Technima's expertise within the aerea of aerosol marking paint

It is the very unique combination of a paint formulation with more pigments, the exclusive design of the combo « aerosol + spray nozzle + trolley » which secures a pure line, with no need of flanges or other tweaks to keep the line edge quality under control.

The trolley does not require cleaning after use.

The pressure level within the aerosol can along with the spray system were designed to provide fast and high coverage marking. The Optimal Application Speed of the SOPPEC PureSPRAY™ system is the highest on the market.

Using the SOPPEC DRIVER™ application trolley and the SOPPEC TRACING® PRO paint spray cans, you proceed with 500 m within 30 minutes, and you don’t have to clean the equipment.

The SOPPEC PureSPRAY® system is providing you with a precise marking with no side-spray.

It is 40% faster to use than its closest competitor. 


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Data sheet

Product type
Line marking spray paint, Non fluorescent paint
Application domain
Line marking, Ground signage
Application area
Metal, Woods, Gravels, Bitumens, Concrete
Box of 6 cans

Specific References


CLP labelling with two pictograms.

Dangerous. Follow the precautions.

H222 Extremely flammable aerosol.
H229 Pressurised container: May burst if heated.
H319 Causes serious eye irritation.

H336 May cause drowsiness or dizziness.

EUH211 Warning! Hazardous respirable droplets may be formed when sprayed. Do not breathe spray or mist.

picto inflammable

Health and safety

Safety data sheets are available free of charge on the internet:


The environment and health at the heart of our priorities

  • The environment and health at the heart of our priorities
  • Our products are free of CMR substances (carcinogens, mutagens, etc.) of categories 1A, 1B & 2 at a concentration above the regulatory threshold of 0.1%.
  • They are formulated without Hexane and Methanol, Toluene and Xylene.
  • Without heavy metals Lead (Pb), Cadmium (Cd), ...
  • Without environmental hazard symbol n° 412 : "non toxic for aquatic organisms" and without long term harmful effects on the ecosystem.
  • Our labels comply with the European regulation in force CE n° 1272/2008 and its adaptations. (CLP Regulation - Classification - Labelling - Packaging (EC n° 1272/2008).