Anti spatter spray

Anti welding spatter

Our Anti spatter spray prevents welding spatter from adhering to welding nozzles and burns caused by metal particles in and around the weld area. Easy to use with a silicon-free formulation. Can be used for a wide range of welding techniques. The protection provided for welding nozzles will extend the working life of the welding gun.

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  • 1 box of 12

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PackagingBox of 12 cans
Volume400 ml
Product typeProtection spray
Application areaMetal


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Specifications of the Anti spatter spray 

  • Packaging: size 500ml (400ml net)
  • Composition: aqueous phase blend
  • Appearance: clear liquid Propellant: nitrogen
  • VOC-EU g/l: 0 g/l
  • Relative density (20°C g/ml): 1.013
  • Vapour pressure at 20°C: 6.5 bar
  • Spray flow: 1.6 g/sec




Health and safety

Safety data sheets are available free of charge on the internet:


H229 Pressurised container: May burst if heated.


Instructions of use of the Anti spatter spray


Shake thoroughly before use. Spray those parts requiring protection (welding gun and adjacent areas) and carry out the necessary welding work. Remove any welding spatter using a wire brush. If necessary, remove with water or a damp cloth.

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