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Spack Spray

Polyurethane paint with cement look

Reference : 470011

Polyurethane dispersion based paint that creates a “cement” effect finish. Particularly useful to touch-up cement coatings or renders. Can be applied to a wide range of building surfaces: wood, cement, plastic.

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Spack Spray

VAT included
Volume: 500 ml
Unité de vente: 1 box of 12

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Description Spack Spray

Properties of the Spack Spray

  • Colour: white
  • Density at 20°C: 1.2
  • Rapid drying
  • Can be used in addition to a stain block paint when preparing a surface prior to painting.


Specifications of the Spack Spray 

Binders: polyurethane dispersion
Propellant: dimethyl ether


Data sheet

500 ml
Product type
Maintenance product
Application domain
Preparion of the supports
Application area
Concrete, Plaster
Box of 12 cans

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Instructions for use

  • The surface must be clean, dry and free of grease.
  • Remove all residual paint, varnish, rust, etc, then sand.
  • When using out-of-doors, remove any moss or algae present on the surface.
  • Cover the surrounding areas. Shake from time to time during use.
  • Spray at a distance of approximately 25 to 30 centimetres from the surface.
  • Paint can be applied in a thin or thick coat according to the touch-up work required.
  • Apply at a temperature between 10°C and 30°C.
  • The viscosity of the paint varies according to temperature and the texture may thicken at temperatures below 10°C.

CLP labelling with one pictogram.

Dangerous. Follow the precautions.

H222 Extremely flammable aerosol.
H229 Pressurised container: May burst if heated.

picto inflammable

Health and safety

Safety data sheets are available free of charge on the internet:


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