The benevolent alliance between Technima and the National Forestry Office (ONF)

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Technima, an aerosol paint manufacturer renowned for its commitment to quality, safety, and respect for the environment, has won the National Forestry Office tender for the 3rd time, helping to create a positive impact on our environment.

Forest marking is a crucial practice for the sustainable management of forest resources. By selectively identifying and preserving certains woods, forest or areas, this technique allows the forest to regenerate naturally while safeguarding biodiversity. In addition, marking guarantees a continuous supply of wood while preserving the delicate balance of the ecosystem. Forest marking supports the responsible management of forests, ensuring their sustainability for future generations.


The ONF is faced with multiple challenges, starting with climate change, which is causing fires and tree diseases (ink disease, ash chalarosis) that are compromising the health of forest areas. There is also human pressure, with urban expansion and agricultural activity reducing woodland areas, endangering biodiversity. Then there is the overuse of forest resources, with the challenge of meeting demand while preserving the long-term ecological balance. Faced with these challenges, the ONF must adopt innovative approaches, collaborate with various stakeholders and promote environmental sustainability while meeting needs, thereby ensuring the preservation of forests for future generations.

Our aerosol marking paints are designed with the greatest respect for people and the environment. We are proud to assure you that our paints meet strict standards set by the National Forestry Office. These strict criteria guarantee not only the effectiveness of our products, but also their minimal impact on the ecosystem. We believe in the importance of durability, which is why our range of aerosol paints is specially formulated to stand the test of time, ensuring exceptionally long-lasting markings. In addition, our extensive range of colors is carefully selected to meet the specific requirements of the ONF, perfectly adapting to their varied needs. We also take our environmental responsibility seriously by offering a dedicated recycling program for our used aerosols. Through our commitment to quality, sustainability and environmental preservation, we are pleased to make a positive contribution to the sustainability of our forestry operations.


Our SOPPEC FOREST brand stands out significantly in the forest marking industry thanks to its constant commitment to innovation. We have introduced advances to make paint application easier for ONF staff, ensuring unrivalled accuracy and efficiency in the field. We've rethought the marking process by introducing belt aerosol holders for our aerosols, offering professionals a practical and secure way to carry their equipment. In addition, our ergonomic forestry handle has been created to help users apply the paint from our aerosols evenly and comfortably, even in the most demanding forestry conditions. Continuing our tradition of innovation, we've introduced paint marker pens, offering precise control and ease of use for demarcation work, for example. Our lumber crayons is another example of our commitment to this idea of innovation. They offer a practical, environmentally-friendly alternative while maintaining exceptional marking quality. These technological advances reflect Technima's commitment to excellence and our desire to simplify the work of the ONF's forest marking professionals, while helping to preserve the environment through its ecological and efficient solutions. We continue to be at the forefront of the industry by introducing innovative products that push the boundaries of efficiency and sustainability in forest marking.

In the demanding job of forestry officer supervised by the National Forestry Office, professionals are often exposed to risks of musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs) due to the repetitive movements and uncomfortable positions associated with this task. These MSDs can lead to persistent pain, joint stiffness and unfitness for work. However, thanks to the creation of our ergonomic forestry handles, these risks are considerably reduced. Our forestry handles are specially designed to offer better support and a more comfortable grip, enabling workers to ensure precise, fast work while reducing the strain on muscles and joints. In this way, not only are we improving the health and well-being of forestry marking professionals, but we are also increasing the efficiency and productivity of this activity, which is essential to the sustainable management of our forests.


Each of our markers is unique in the field of forest marking:

Fluo MarkerFlash Marker can be used for a wide range of purposes, such as marking short- and medium-term trees for felling, marking thinning timber, temporary plot boundaries, timber lots for sales, log inventories, etc. Available in 6 fluorescent colors for both models, but no-fluorescent white is also available for the Fluo Marker.

Strong Marker is used for long-term tree marking, plot boundaries, demarcation, designating future trees, marking hiking trails, etc. Available in 8 different non-fluorescent colors for this model.

Standard Marker, this forestry marker is used for markings in the timber industry, particularly for wood processing, marking logs, pallets and panels, sawmill markings and stencil applications. 5 different non-fluorescent colors are available for this range.


We are proud to highlight our historic partnership with the National Forestry Office. For over 20 years, Technima has had the honor of being the exclusive supplier of marking paint to the ONF, a partnership that embodies our commitment to excellence and our dedication to preserving the environment.

This long-standing collaboration has been a journey of innovation and continuous improvement. By working closely with ONF staff, we have been able to understand their complex and evolving needs. This in-depth understanding of the day-to-day challenges they face has been the cornerstone of our partnership. Through regular exchanges and careful listening, we have been able to adjust and improve our products to meet their exact requirements.

This historic partnership has been the catalyst for many significant improvements in our marking products. Every innovation we have made over the years has been directly influenced by feedback from ONF professionals following a survey we carried out with people who had tested our new products. Their expertise in the field was our source of inspiration for developing the aerosol marking paints that are used.

This partnership with the ONF represents a deep commitment to foresters, forest ecosystems and sustainability. We are honored to be part of the ONF story, and look forward to continuing to evolve together, shaping the future of forest marking with innovative and responsible solutions.


Technima is a company committed to respecting people and the environment. At the heart of its mission, the company strives to preserve forest ecosystems in collaboration with the National Forestry Office. With this in mind, Technima has set up an innovative SOPPEC used aerosol treatment system. Aware of today's environmental challenges, the company has chosen to focus on this specific approach to reduce its footprint. This practice aims to minimize waste and prevent any potential pollution. A clever process that allows the company to recycle waste at a later date, illustrating a responsible and sustainable commitment to the planet. This initiative demonstrates the importance Technima attaches to the forest environment and to creating a sustainable future for generations to come

The collaboration between Technima and the National forestry Office represents an exceptional alliance that is beneficial in many ways. Technima stands out for its deep commitment to preserving the environment, in perfect alignment with the values of the ONF. Our company makes it a point of honor to develop sustainable practices, from the selection of environmentally-friendly raw materials to the implementation of eco-responsible production processes. For this partnership, Technima has designed tailor-made solutions to improve the work of forest markers. Our products are the result of ongoing research aimed at optimizing efficiency while minimizing the impact on forest ecosystems.

What also sets Technima apart is our in-depth understanding of the specific needs of forestry professionals. We have developed a diverse range of aerosol paints, each category carefully adapted to the forestry regulations of the ONF's specifications. Whether for permanent, temporary or demarcation marking, our solutions offer expertise guaranteeing highly reliable products for forestry marking.

This partnership goes beyond simply supplying products. It represents a joint commitment to preserving our forests, promoting sustainable practices and constantly improving the working methods of forestry professionals. By joining forces, Technima and the ONF are making a significant contribution to protecting our forests, while offering innovative solutions tailored to the unique challenges facing players in the timber industry.

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