How to remove the TP cap ?

Published : 2017-04-24 12:01:15
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"How to remove the TP cap without damaging my aerosol ?". If you're a user of our construction marking paints or a reseller of SOPPEC spray paints, you might have wondered how to do it. This article will provide you the answer.


First step : Open the cap


First, you must grab your spray with one hand on the can and the other on the cap.

Remove tp cap soppec 1

In order to open the cap, make a rotation to the left (direction showed by the arrow).

Remove tp cap soppec 2


Second step : Remove the colored cup


Once the cap is open, put your thumb on the top of the notch and push it upward. Do not hesitate to force.

Remove tp cap soppec 3

You'll hear a "click" and the colored cup will withdraw itself.

Remove tp cap soppec 4


Third step : Remove the dispenser


Grab the notch of the dispenser with your thumb. (Be careful ! Do not push on the dispenser or you might be sprayed with paint !)

Remove tp cap soppec 5

Pull backward until the dispenser is out.

Remove tp cap soppec 6


Know more about "how to remove the TP cap" ?


I this article wasn't enough, find bellow a video that explains all the process.



You'll also have the possibility to download a pdf file explaining everything by following this link.



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