A new safety cap for the IDEAL SPRAY

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Sylvacap : nouveau capot de sécurité


The multidirectional marker IDEAL SPRAY will be subject to a major change in July. Indeed, in order to improve the performance of our products, the current cap will be replaced by a new one: the SYLVACAP.


Context : what is SYLVACAP ?


SOPPEC was the first aerosol marking paint manufacturer to develop and market the CAPOT TP: a safety cap for its products. This revolution, introduced in 1997, has first equipped the range of construction site markers, which can be used upside down, such as the FLUO TP. This innovation has been a key factor in the group's success throughout the years.

To ensure that we keep up the momentum, SOPPEC developed in 2014, in collaboration with our partner IMEPSA, a new patented and innovative safety diffuser cap: the SYLVACAP. This safety cap offered users many advantages such as the ON/OFF safety function on vertical aerosols, especially those in the forestry range.

The results being not yet quite conclusive, SOPPEC has since re-examined its design, and has worked on an even more successful evolution of SYLVACAP, enabling us to remain a leader in terms of innovation.

évolution du capot sylvacap

Evolution of the SYLVACAP for IDEAL SPRAY

SYLVACAP : A necessary update

SOPPEC has always sought to improve its products in order to offer a high quality and impeccable service for its users. That is why, believing strongly in its future success, we pursued the development of the new safety cap SYLVACAP.

Based on the various customer feedback, we have redesigned the cap. We have looked at defects and tried to correct them.

capot de sécurité sylvacap on / off

As a first step, we optimized the locking mechanism of the "ON-OFF" system. This has also improved the watertightness between the cap and the aerosol.

The satisfaction and well-being of our customers are essential criteria when we elaborate a new product. We have therefore reviewed the ergonomics of our safety cap. On the diffuser part of the cap, we added a fingerprint pattern and a stop to simplify handling. The stop provides a more comfortable use and a greater user experience.

Then, the strength and aesthetics of SYLVACAP were improved by new plastic and dye choices.

Finally, the paint outlet nozzle was extended and advanced to prevent the paint from dirtying the aerosol, and its diameter was adapted for the IDEAL SPRAY.

After several tests, these new products have been approved by our Research & Development department. SOPPEC will now be able to launch its new cap on the IDEAL SPRAY range starting July 15, 2019.


IDEAL SPRAY : the standard of this new safety cap


While this safety cap was originally designed for the forestry paint range, the IDEAL SPRAY, a multidirectional fluorescent tracer, was chosen to introduce the new SYLVACAP, as the construction environment is more apt to use safety caps. Consequently, all the range of « SOPPEC Construction » products will be proposed with a safety cap : TP cap or Sylvacap

This project is consistent with the TECHNIMA Group's sustainable development policy by improving the safety of use of our products. In addition, this cap will also allow us to increase the production rates of our aerosols on production lines.

Ideal Spray traceur fluorescent multidirectionnel



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