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The TECHNIMA Group is one of the principle European actors in the field of specialist aerosol sprays for Professionals in the Construction, Public Works and Forestry industries. Thanks to its long-established company SOPPEC, the Group enjoys a particularly robust reputation in the marking paint sector where it is now market-leader with strong brands and innovative, high performance products.


A European leader


TECHNIMA is a group with several entities in Europe :

• TECHNIMA NORDIC : Reseller of aerosol marking paints and technical products in Scandinavian countries.
• TECHNIMA CENTRAL : Manufacturer and reseller of aerosol marking paints in central Europe.
• TECHNIMA BENELUX : Reseller of aerosol marking paints and technical products in the BENELUX area.
• CIA-TECHNIMA SUD EUROPAManufacturer and Reseller of industrial paints and aerosol graffiti paints in the mediterranean area.
TECHNIMA FRANCE: Manufacturer and reseller of aerosol marking paints.
• OLERON STP : Paint manufacturer in Charente Maritime, France. 

Sales network Technima Group

SOPPEC is the most important entity in the TECHNIMA group and accounts for most of its employees. To ensure the unity of the direction of those four economic entities, the following divisions are brought together in TECHNIMA Holding: General Management, Sales Management, Control Management and IT Department.

Eric Piveteau General Manager technima Group                     Thibault de maillard CEO Technima group
General Manager
Thibault de Maillard


Some Key Figures :

TECHNIMA has become over the years a major player in the world of aerosols.

With more than 150 people in staff, including 12 dedicated to Research & Development (including 5 engineers specialized in Formulation), and with 4 production lines, the group is able to produce the equivalent of 25 million aerosols per year. in various formats from 150 to 750 ml (net fill volume).

The implementation of our 5 logistics platforms across Europe allows us to offer to our customers short delivery times at very attractive prices.

technima production linestechnima aerosolsvolume aerosol technima
4 production lines25 million aerosols per year150 to 750 mL
technima logistic platformstechnima stafftechnima R & D
5 logistics platforms150 people in staff12 people in R&D 



The history of the TECHNIMA Group


The TECHNIMA Group is the European leader in aerosol marking paints intended for professionals working in the Industrial, Construction, Public Works and Forestry sectors. The story of the TECHNIMA Group began with that of SOPPEC, the most important of the Group’s companies.

SOPPEC, founded in 1962 by Christian de Maillard, began as a small family business based in Charente, western France, manufacturing wood care products and varnishes for trade customers.

In the beginning of the 1990s, the company changed direction, specialising in the design, manufacture and marketing of marking paint aerosols.

Originally intended for those working in the Forestry industry, SOPPEC products were notably successful in the European Construction and Public Works sectors thanks to the development of high performance paints and innovative patented safety caps. Despite its sustained growth, the company continued to maintain its firm commitment to Quality, Safety and respect for the Environment.

In 2004 Thibault de Maillard, CEO since 1996, bought the company that had by then become European market leader thanks to its innovation and diversification, the keys to its constant progression. The opening of a dedicated storage and logistics site in 2009, followed by the launch of a new production
line in 2010, enabled SOPPEC to keep pace with its growing European markets. It was at this time that the TECHNIMA Group was created, implementing its external growth strategy through the acquisition of new production and distribution units in Europe.

2009 : creation of TECHNIMA NORDIC, group subsidiary for Northern Europe, following the acquisition of the MERCALIN brand from the paint manufacturer GEVEKO.

2011 : creation of TECHNIMA Central covering Central Europe, following the takeover of the German company R+F & FCH.

2013 : the group acquired a majority holding in the paint manufacturer OLERONS STP giving control over part of their supply chain.

2016 : creation of the subsidiary TECHNIMA Benelux following the acquisition of RX2 Industrial Solutions.

Also in 2016 : The Group acquired a majority holding in the Italian company CIA, subsidiary of the NESPOLI Group (European leader in designing brushes and tools for painters) resulting in the creation of the TECHNIMA Sud Europa subsidiary. Finally, continuing their search for innovative solutions, in 2014 the Group acquired the Dity Spray concept, and with it the possibility of developing spray packaging that not only meets the economic demands of the business but further improves safety and increases protection for human health and the environment.

In 2019 : Opening of export opportunities in North America and new logistics base in Canada with the creation of the SOPPEC-INC subsidiary.

In 2020 : Technima opens up to the Retail and Do It Yourself markets. Technima adopts a new brand identity, and SOPPEC SAS becomes Technima France. CIA Technima expands its production capacity with a third aerosol packaging line.


The brands of the group


In order to serve all of its professional markets, the TECHNIMA Group relies on recognized product brands of undisputed renown.



soppec constructionsoppec forestsoppec linesoppec eventsoppec colorssoppec pro tech


Within the TECHNIMA Group, SOPPEC is a major European actor well-known for the manufacture of paint and its packaging in aerosol format. The importance it places on health and the environment has been recognised by the QES triple certification award: Quality, Environment and Safety.

This in turn has confirmed SOPPEC’s reputation as a legitimate brand with high-level expertise in the aerosol paint sector. The advantage of the association of other products, manufactured and sold by the Group, with the SOPPEC Company brand, means that these can today benefit from a single Brand name divided into sub-brands that meet the needs of each industrial sector.

  • SOPPEC CONSTRUCTION is the dedicated Construction and Public Works brand best known for its leading product, FLUO TP.
  • SOPPEC FOREST brand brings together all the products designed for the Forestry sector including its flagship paint aerosol, FLUO MARKER.
  • SOPPEC LINE covers all the brand’s line-marking products and purpose-designed application accessories.
  • SOPPEC EVENTS is the range of spray paints and accessories designed for all those involved in organising sports or other events.
  • SOPPEC COLORS is the new brand of industrial paints (touch-up lacquers, galvanising paints, special high temperature paints, etc).
  • SOPPEC PRO TECH is the brand name for a new range of technical aerosols mainly intended for the maintenance of industrial tools and machinery (protection, lubrication and cleaning).


The other brands of the TECHNIMA Group :

Other brands of the technima group

In certain geographical areas the Group has strong brands that enjoy a robust local reputation as essential products.



This brand is justifiably well-known in Northern Europe, notably in Sweden. It offers a range of marking-paint aerosols purpose-designed for the construction and forestry industries and for line marking in general.



This brand is particularly well-known in Germany, with a strong reputation based on its range of marking paint aerosols for the forestry sector.



PRO-Paint and PRO-Tech are exclusive to the Netherlands where they are well-known and enjoy a justly-deserved reputation. Marking paints and industrial paints are grouped together under the PRO-Paint name whilst the PRO-Tech range is made up of a broad selection of technical aerosols.


A wide choice of marking accessories


Finally, application accessories and other associated products complete the Group’s range of aerosols.