Some news for the TECHNIMA group in 2018

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new catalogues TECHNIMA 2018

The TECHNIMA group will have new catalogues and will launch two new product ranges


If you followed our latest newsletters, you probably are aware that TECHNIMA recently has added new companies to the group specialized in the design and packaging of spray paints and technical spray products.
This is why TECHNIMA is today launching a marketing strategy which aims to reinforce the image as well as the uniqueness of the group and its subsidiaries. Thereby, new catalogues are about to come in January 2018 !

Those new "group" catalogs will have a unified design for all the subsidiaries. They’ll act as 1st level prospecting tools for the canvassing.

TECHNIMA will also mark the year 2018 with the launch of two new product ranges. You will thus find 6 ranges that answer to very specific needs:


  • The SOPPEC CONSTRUCTION range: A wide range of aerosol paints for construction and public works professionals for the marking, tracking and signaling operations, essential to their profession. In addition to fluorescent and non-fluorescent site tracers, additional products complete the group's offer: marking rod and marking guns, chalk lines and powders, cold plant mixes, signaling ribbons, bituminous sprays…


  • The SOPPEC FOREST range: A wide range of aerosol marking paints and associated products that meet the marking needs of professionals in the wood industry. These products are perfect for forest management, mobilization or wood processing operations.


  • The SOPPEC LINE range: Marking solutions that combine the use of aerosol paints with application accessories, especially adapted for structuring space, delimiting surfaces, and optimizing circulation within factories and warehouses. These line marking products improve safety and reduce the risks of transport in accordance with the provisions of the Labor Code. Some products are especially dedicated to sports fields or to private car parks.


  • The SOPPEC EVENT range: Aerosol marking paints, practical solutions adapted to markup, delimitation of location, signaling of risk zones or emergency situations. These products can also be used for sporting or urban events, whether outdoors or indoors, by day or night.


  • The SOPPEC COLORS range: A wide choice of industrial protective coatings, finishing or coloring sprays especially designed for industrial or agricultural activities where the need to quickly restore painted surfaces, pieces of equipment or utility vehicles (agricultural, public works) is highly present. These products meet the diverse requirements of European professional users involved in the Manufacturing industry, rental of agricultural machinery or construction.


  • The SOPPEC PRO TECH range: A set of technical, practical and efficient aerosols for cleaning, protecting and lubricating. An efficient and fast solution for the manufacturing industry, but also for the maintenance of agricultural equipment and construction, maintenance of parts, gears, machines and tools. The aerosols in this range are grouped according to their functions PROTECTION, CLEANING, LUBRICATION and are for the most of them multi directional. There is also a range of multi-purpose SPECIAL PRODUCTS.



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