Dity Spray : a revolutionary concept

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A new type of aerosol packaging

Dity Spray is a revolutionary concept carried out by the TECHNIMA Group and, in its recent developments, in association with the IMEPSA Group specialized in plastic injection.

Dity Spray, a concept protected by a multitude of patents, allows to spray paint and other liquids not with the help of gas, but from compressed air. This new type of packaging is an alternative to conventional pressure vessels and cartridges and can be considered as a major innovation in its sector as it's easier to recycle and therefore more environmentally friendly.

It is also an economical solution that allows with only one case to use a multitude of pockets.

To learn more about the concept and the company, you can visit their website: Dity spray.

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Global Industrie Award won

Thus, the company and its innovative concept were nominated at the Global Industry fair held from March 27th to 30th in Paris.

We are proud to announce that Dity Spray won the Global Industry Award in the "Responsible Solution" category.

Be sure, we have not finished hearing about this company with great potential!

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Jean Luc Beurq Dity Spray



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