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Only products in DITYBAG packaging can be used with DITYBOX.

SOPPEC currently offers products in DITYBAG packaging under the GREEN TECH brand and belonging to the SOPPEC PRO TECH technical product range.

This range will be extended over time and others will be made available.

The lack of propellant provides optimal safety: no explosion or fire hazard.

Using compressed air for propulsion limits gas (butane/propane) emissions into the atmosphere. Users do not breathe in these gases, thereby protecting their health.

You become a user/distributor of a solution that does not use flammable propellant. The lack of propellant along with the lack of hazard pictograms associated with the product ensures simplified storage without any need for special equipment required for storing hazardous materials and without involving the potential SEVESO classification of the storage facility. Furthermore, the shipping process is easier due to the lack of constraints in respect of shipping hazardous materials.

Compressed air is a plentiful and available resource all around us.

You are opting for a completely secure refillable compressed air aerosol solution.

You use eco-friendly products not associated with hazard pictograms that protect the planet and users alike.

You reduce product wastage: DITYBAGs have a 95% delivery rate.

You reduce waste processing volumes: it has been estimated that DITYBOX can be reused at least 5000 times and empty DITYBAGs take up 4 times less volume than empty aerosols. They are processed as "ordinary" waste and disposed of in your black bin.

Using aerosol or cartridge systems, you will have recurring aerosol or cartridge purchase expenditure when they are empty. Using the DITYSPRAY system, you reuse the DITYBOX receptacle and only replace the DITYBAG containing the required product.

The DITYSPRAY system represents benefits and savings for distributors on a number of points.

DITYBAGs take up 35% less volume for shipping and storage than the aerosol equivalent (e.g. compared to a 500ml aerosol of technical product).

The lack of associated hazard pictograms and flammable propellant means that storage is not subject to SEVESO requirements. There is no need for special equipment for storing hazardous materials.

The lack of associated hazard pictogram and of flammable propellant helps reduce shipping constraints and costs.

You become a pioneer by incorporating a system that allows you to stand out from the competition in your customers' eyes into your business.

You establish customer loyalty through the linked product model: you become one of the only distributors of the packaging systems and consumables that go with DITYBOX.

You can highlight the use of eco-friendly packaging in your communications.

DITYBOX is equipped with a valve to supply compressed air at its base.

A connection base, known as DITYBASE, continuously connected to the compressed air system, allows you to pressurise DITYBOX (max 8 bar) in less than 2 seconds.

An autonomous mobile device, known as DITYPUMP, makes it possible to supply DITYBOX autonomously with compressed air anywhere.

DITYBOX is made of a material that is resistant to shocks, dropping, high temperatures and chemical contact. It forms a UV barrier of at least 10,000 hours.

Once screwed onto DITYBOX, the nut ensures that the system is airtight and its thread allows an air leak in the event of excessive pressurisation (between 11.6 and 13 bar).

Our equipment has undergone functional and safety testing, in which the system has been pushed to its limits to ensure that you can use it with complete peace of mind.

The digital pressure gauge on the DITYPUMP compressor is graduated in bar, psi and kPa.

DITYSPRAY is subject to the PED (Pressure Equipment Directive) 97/23/EC.

The amendments of the 2014 version relate to the harmonisation of the basis of fluid categories (new EC Regulation 1272/2008).

Reference standard NF EN 12 245 – Minimum design requirements and description of manufacturing inspections to be carried out in respect of fully wrapped composite gas cylinders with a capacity less than or equal to 450 litres.

Like any manufacturer importing equipment subject to PED requirements, we ensure that all equipment is compliant.

For DITYSPRAY production, Directive 2014/68/EU (documentary aspects only).

PED 2017 does not apply to DITYSPRAY.


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