ENROVIT cold lay asphalt

Cold plant mixes

ENROVIT® is a cold lay asphalt designed for repairs that need to be carried out immediately : Potholes, Trenches, Maintenance work to drives and garden paths, minor repairs. Asphalt that can be stored ready-to-use, ideal for urgent repair work. The packaging guarantees long shelf-life and immediate availability when needed.

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Packaging25kg bucket
Product typeMarking complement
Application domainMaintenance, Roads, earthworks, pipes, construction...
Application areaBitumens


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Properties of the cold lay asphalt


  • Flexible and permeable.
  • Granule size: 0/4, 0/6, 0/10.
  • Path and garden maintenance, small repairs. Packaged, storable plant mixes, designed for your emergency uses. The packaging ensures that they keep well and are available immediately.
  • 25 kg bucket.


Specifications of the bitumen cold plant mix



Packaged in 25 kg buckets.
Palette of 40 buckets, equivalent to 1,000 kg.
Store in a frost free place and reseal to keep airtight after use.


Cold-lay asphalt, coarsegrained black or red, flexible and permeable or semi-dense.
Aggregates and sands compliant with the XP P 18-540 standard specifications.

Discontinuous grain size grading curve:
• ENROVIT® black (0/4, 0/6, 0/10)
• ENROVIT® red (2/6 or 0/10)
Density: 2% void content (for permeable types): 15 to 20 %.

Application method

1) After preparing the surface, apply a 3 to 5 cm thick layer of asphalt (60 kg to 80 kg/m²).
Tamper using a cylinder roller.
Curing time (elimination of solvents): 3 weeks.

2) Clean, sweep and prepare a square that is free from debris, mud, etc. Apply the asphalt in a layer 1 cm higher than the required finished level.
Compact using a cylinder roller or tamper by hand.

Quantity required: 60 kg to 80 kg/m² for a thickness of 3 to 5 cm.
For improved adhesion, apply a bitumen spray tack coat beforehand.

Health and safety

Safety data sheets are available free of charge on the internet: www.quick-fds.com.
No paint mist or drips during use.
CLP labelling with a single pictogram.

Instructions for use

Clean prior to use with a neutral universal detergent.

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